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The Dancing Eye Support Trust has organised a series of workshops for leading medical professionals from across the world to come together to share experiences and research outcomes related to Dancing Eye Syndrome.

The following workshop write-ups provide an insight into these important workshops:

Dancing Eye/OMS Workshop Summary - February 2016

Family Education Guide

Dancing Eye/OMS Workshop Summary - February 2014

Cerebellar and cortical abnormalities in paediatric opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome

OMS ConferenceReport 2012

Information Sheet for Teachers and Supporting Staff

DES Workshop Report 2010

DES Workshop Report 2008

DES Workshop Report 2005

DES Workshop Report 2001

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Dancing Eye/OMS Workshop Summary - April 2016

About DES

About Dancing Eye Syndrome DES is so called because of the abnormal eye movements that occurs from this condition. >>

Affects & Treatment

Affects & Treatment A very small proportion of children recover spontaneously without medical intervention. >>
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